Reckeen 3D Studio HDMI

Perfect broadcasting solution for professionals and beginners

If you are a professional producer of video materials, broadcasts or TV programs – you know that the highest quality and infinite creative possibilities can only be achieved with 3D technology.

If you are not familiar with a virtual 3D studio – we invite you to a world of new possibilities: with our solutions your video content will be unique and professional, and its creation process easy and fun.

Thanks to many years of our experience in designing and developing solutions for video production and processing market, we can present you with a virtual studio system that will meet your highest expectations in regards to 3D technology – enjoy RECKEEN 3D Studio.

Reckeen 3D system enables you to produce professional TV programs in real-time. It is a multi-channel mixer that combines 4 video sources with computer graphics and media. Each of these video sources can be preprocessed with built-in chromatic keys and then placed in a virtual 3D scene, thus creating a virtual studio or an advanced composition combining computer graphics and video.

The system allows you to work in two independent modes – Reckeen 3D and Reckeen Lite – enabling you to customize the production process to suit your needs.

RECKEEN 3D Studio is a PC based system with an option of importing files in OBJ and FBX formats and objects from its own editors.

Up to two 4K camcordes or up to four Full HD (4x HDMI or 2xHDMI and 2x SDI – depending on the version) can be connected to the Reckeen workstation, their signals will be keyed independently in a high quality. This means, in your virtual studio you can get up to four talent shots taken by four cameras in different locations. In addition, you have four virtual cameras with full range of motion available: pan, tilt, zoom, dolly, truck, arc, pedestal, cant and so on. Their positioning and switching between them reflects the cameraman’s natural movements. Up to 15 shots can be assigned to each of the cameras. By default, they are set by the virtual studio designer and defined in the project, but you can customize them to fit your needs.

Controlling virtual cameras is easy and convenient thanks to the specially designed VKey-100 keyboard with joystick.

Scenography is one of the most influential elements of a virtual studio, its uniqueness will draw the audience’s attention and emphasize the character of the video material. With RECKEEN 3D you get a ready-made designs package, but Studio Editor and  Wizard 3D are also its integral parts and with their use you can prepare your very own designs, with supplied materials or starting from scratch, after your own ideas. The Wizard allows you to create stage designs quickly and efficiently on the basis of previously created elements, while in the 3D Editor you can personalize every detail you want.

3D Editor allows you to modify and expand the ready-made virtual studio projects – including those you’ve created yourself in the Wizard. Each scenography item can be moved, rotated or scaled. The elements can also be combined in unlimited ways and into more complex compositions, without worrying about their weight, type of material or combining methods. You can also define and configure additional studio lights.

Advanced features of the Studio Editor Wizard also allow you to design virtual 3D scenographies tailored to your individual needs and ideas. All you need is a short tutorial to be easily able to set the ambience of the studio, its size, textures to be used, colors, and equipment. You can implement unlimited number of ideas, and your video materials will always have a unique setting.

The Still Editor module allows you to create captions, text boards and news tickers. With an easy-to-use panel, suitable components can be downloaded from external files or created – even during the production and live editing. 

You can create 3D objects you want to place in the virtual studio scenography in MS Paint 3D editor, that you get preinstalled with RECKEEN 3D Studio. The application allows you to implement all the ideas, from the most original and crazy ones to the simplest ones, like three-dimensional subtitles. And all those created objects can be easily  and intuitively moved to a virtual studio, even during the live production.

Paint 3D gives you many possibilities:

  • make a sketch and turn it quickly into a three-dimensional object,
  • use the ready-made solids, build objects with them, paint them, change their sizes – and many more,
  • apply realistic textures, such as wood, grass or others, to the objects you create,
  • create clippings of your favorite images or photos, use them as stickers, or apply them to 3D models.
  • show the 3D objects you’ve created at You’ll also discover thousands of other users’ creations you can use there.

You want a car to appear in your studio? It’s very easy – create it from scratch or use an existing design! Transfer the objects to Reckeen 3D Studio and enjoy the results of your work!

Before you begin working with Microsoft Paint 3D, please read the terms of Microsoft Services Agreement. They are available at:

Reckeen Virtual 3D Studio 4K with 4 HDMI Inputs Card REC-3D-HDMI-022