The NewTek 3Play 3P1 is a replay solution with NDI input/output connectivity, and internal processing for end-to-end IP workflows, along with SDI input/output connectivity for hybrid environments. It supports dual-channel, first replay telestration with transport control, 1080p60 operation, LivePanel control, and more. With the included NDI Telestrator Pro technology, you can annotate on screen and roll immediate replays over the network from any compatible networked PC or touchscreen device.


With two configurable multiviewers, selectable workspace layouts, customizable viewports, multi-angle replay preview windows, visual indicators, language localization, and more, you can easily personalize the 3Play 3P1 environment to your preference. 3Play 3P1 comes with a professional hardware control panel for ease of use.


Exercise your clock management skills as you save time logging, organizing, and retrieving content. Manage your assets with 3Play 3P1 by tagging events and clips with detailed metadata in a flash using your own custom coding system and instantly filtering top plays by team, player, type, or period with the search engine. Plan your coverage and then capture every angle of the action to high-quality, full-resolution QuickTime files. 3Play 3P1 supports inputs both locally via SDI and over IP from any location on your network via NDI, plus synchronized, continuous recording of four simultaneous video channels.


Present your audiences with the best view of events—in real time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame—with two independent output channels deliverable both locally via SDI and over IP to any NDI destination on your network. The 3Play 3P1 can combine outputs for a switcher-style program-preview workflow, change angles while playback is in progress, and supports video layering to include stacking live feeds and replay perspectives.


You can use the built-in video server to cue, assemble, package, and deliver content in a variety of ways. With intuitive player controls, editing tools, selectable transitions, playlist effects, customizable settings, and presets, you have everything you need to go to work on game footage for instant replay, and turn out auto-advancing highlights, live-edited cut-ups, stacked sponsor blocks, and more.


The 3Play 3P1 features a comprehensive macro automation system that allows you to record, store, edit, and automate your favorite settings and custom command sequences. With the flexibility to run macros from any combination of compatible control interfaces and support for cross-platform automation, you can outfit your workflow to available equipment and personnel.


Enhance your presentation with a collection of tools designed for network-style sports production right out of the box. 3Play 3P1 includes everything, from downstream keying to apply titles, graphics, stats, sponsor logos, and more; to custom animated transitions, motion graphics, and visual effects that up your production value; to manual and automatic color correction settings for real-time adjustments to variable lighting conditions.


NewTek 3Play 3P1 natively supports control from the browser of any compatible networked device via NewTek LivePanel. The optional LivePanel includes a touchscreen-friendly software control panel and LivePanel Builder for custom user interfaces, with customization services also available through NewTek ProServ.

3G-SDI, hybrid, and end-to-end IP connectivity

Supports up to four external inputs and two outputs (SDI or NDI)

Four multi-viewer outputs

Synchronized, continuous, full-resolution capture

Record and playback simultaneously

Preview all angles simultaneously while recording and playing back video

Show all angles of recording synced on output

Build playlists with full transitions, audio, sound effects, and stinger animations

Per output overlays with positioning and transitions

Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control

LivePanel option to build browser-based user interfaces and workflows

Multi-purpose video server with clip preview

Real-time social media export or transcode files for immediate delivery

Import external video, audio, and stills in common formats

Intuitive asset management and tagging system

Automation with custom macro commands

Supports Advanced Media Protocol for remote control via compatible third-party production systems

Supports GPI signals via JLCooper Electronics eBox GPI interface

Supports standard MIDI protocol enabling third-party device control

Supports custom transitions between output channels and playlist clips

NewTek 3Play 3P1 IP Replay System with Control Surface

SKU: FG-001948-R001
  • Specs

    NewTek 3-Play
    Video Input    4 x simultaneous external video inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources
    Network: 4 x resolution-independent IP video inputs via NDI
    SDI: 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting video input in any combination of standard formats, resolutions, and frame rates
    SDI Format Support    1080p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
    1080i: 59.94, 50
    720p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
    576i 50
    480i 59.94
    Video Output    2 x session-format video outputs, with simultaneous delivery via IP and SDI

    Network: 2 x session-format IP video outputs via NDI
    SDI: 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI connections supporting redundant delivery of 2 x session-format video outputs
    Multiviewer    Outputs:
    1 x DVI user interface with multiviewer
    1 x HDMI multiviewer
    1 x DisplayPort multiviewer
    Recording    4 x simultaneous recording channels
    Recording Format    QuickTime (XDCAM HD compatible, 4:2:2 encoding, 24-bit audio, with timecode) 

    Please Note: QuickTime Player not required for playback in common NLE applications
    Storage    3 x 3 TB internal drives (capacity varies by format, resolution, and file specification)
    DSK    1 x DSK channel per output, with independent source selection and transition
    Audio Input    Local:
    4 x SDI embedded
    1 x Balanced XLR stereo pair (Line) 
    3 x Balanced 1/4" stereo pairs (Line)
    Audio Output    Local: 
    4 x SDI embedded
    1 x Balanced XLR stereo pair
    1 x Balanced 1/4" stereo pair
    1 x Stereo 1/4" (phones)
    Audio Support    Native support for network audio input and output via NDI
    Processing    Video: Floating Point YCbCr +A 4:4:4:4
    Audio: Floating Point, 96 kHz
    Latency    Throughput Latency: Approximately 1 to 1.5 frames
    Standards    3G-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 424M (Level A) 
    HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M
    SD video conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656
    Analog audio levels conform to SMPTE RP-155
    System Drive    120 GB SSD
    2 x 1 Gigabit NIC
    Genlock    Genlock input supporting SD (Bi-level) or HD (Tri-level) reference signals
    Macros    Record, store, edit, and automate commands and user-configured operation sequences, including support for cross-platform automation between supported systems
    Asset Management    Asset management system supporting metadata entry, tagging, filtering, organization, navigation, bookmarking, and integration with compatible MAM platforms
    Grab    Grab full-resolution, deinterlaced still images from inputs and outputs
    Export    Export video and image files to social media, FTP, local or external volumes, and network servers, with optional transcoding
    Unit Configuration    2 RU chassis with 400 W PSU
    Multi-tiered hardware and software fail-safe
    Dimensions    19.0 x 3.5 x 19.6" (48.3 x 8.9 x 49.7 cm) with rack ears attached
    Weight    Approximately 26 lb (12 kg)
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight    57.4 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)    28.5 x 25.5 x 18.5"