The Libec LX10 Studio Two-Stage Aluminum Tripod System and H65B Head with Dual Pan Handles and Spreader Dolly supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 11 pounds. The head and legs feature a 100mm ball/bowl, which provides a wide platform for stable shots. The legs are made from aluminum and feature three leg sections. The head and legs come with a spreader dolly, and the system is height-adjustable from 36 to 73.5". To aid in leveling your shot, a bubble level is incorporated into the head. The head also features a sliding baseplate that allows you to adjust the balance of your camera. It provides fixed counterbalance that helps the fluid head support loads up to 35 pounds. With individual fluid drag adjustments for both pan and tilt, you can adjust the fluid head to suit your shooting style or the needs of the shot. The head features discreet pan and tilt locks, and the removable pan handle can be attached to either side of the head by via the built-in rosettes.

The sliding balance plate features a total of four inches of balance adjustment, two inches forward and two inches back of center. This does not take into account the integrated balance slot that allows you to adjust the position of the captive camera tie-down screw.
The head incorporates a small stud at the front that prevents the balance plate from sliding out.
The included spreader dolly secures your tripod's legs, but allows you to roll your tripod from one point to another on a smooth surface. It can be used during a shot, but it is not as smooth as a true dolly.

Libec LX10 Studio Two-Stage Aluminum Tripod System

  • Specs

    Libec LX10 Specs
    Payload    35 lb / 16 kg
    Counterbalance    Fixed
    Drag Mode    Two-step
    Tilt Angle    +85° / -65°
    Camera Plate    Sliding
    Sliding Range    ±2" / 50 mm
    Plate Attachment    Two 3/8"-16 screws
    Spare Screw    3/8"-16
    Section    Two-stage
    Bubble Level    Non-illuminated
    Ball Diameter    100 mm
    Temperature Range    -4 to 140°F / -20 to +60°C
    Height    36.0 to 73.5" / 91.4 to 186.9 cm
    Weight    23.3 lb / 10.6 kg
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight    30.0 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)    31.4 x 16.9 x 10.4"