IndiPRO Tools Four Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Quad Pro Battery Charger Kit

Power your camera or accessories with this Compact 95Wh Battery with Quad charger kit. This kit is comprised of a Four V-mount lithium-ion battery and a 16.8V DC quad-position charger for V-mount batteries. The batteries run on a premium Samsung lithium-ion cell and supports up to a 6.6A draw. It features a 4-LED power gauge that displays remaining battery power and a D-Tap port for simultaneously powering additional accessories. The V-mount quad battery charger charges up to four V-Mount batteries simultaneously. This charger is portable and features a 4-pin XLR power output. See below for more information on the items included in this kit.

4X Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Battery
Containing a premium Samsung battery cell, the Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Battery outputs 14.8V and has a 95Wh capacity. The battery incorporates a standard V-mount for a secure connection to V-mount accessories and chargers. A built-in 4-segment battery gauge LED display provides readout of the remaining battery power. The battery features an industry standard D-Tap that allows you to power accessories using additional cables (available separately).

  • For powering cameras, lights, and monitors
  • Offers 14.8V output with 95Wh capacity
  • Built-in 4-segment LED battery indicator shows remaining power
  • V-mount system provides secure lockable mounting and compatibility with other V-mount accessories and chargers
  • 2-pin D-Tap gives you the flexibility to power accessories directly from the battery 

Quad Pro Battery Charger for Four V-Mount Batteries
Offering an efficient charging solution in a portable design, this Quad Pro Battery Charger provides simultaneous charging for up to four lithium-ion V-mount batteries and features a 4-pin XLR power output. It has an On/Off switch and LED status indicators for convenient management. This charger delivers 2.5A per channel when charging multiple batteries and the same when charging a single battery. The 4-pin XLR power output can be used to power select cameras from an AC power outlet, and an XLR cable is included. The charger supports 100-240 VAC power input.

  • Simultaneous charging for up to four V-mount lithium-ion batteries
  • Single 15 Volt, 4-Pin XLR Output
  • Conductive Gold Connections
  • LED status indicator
  • Top Carry Handle
  • XLR cable included

IndiPRO Tools Four Compact 95Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Quad Pro V-Mount Kt