Hive Lighting Wasp 250 Plasma Leko Spot Kit

The Hive Wasp 250 Plasma Leko Spot is a Wasp Plasma Par combined with its most popular accessory, ETC’s Source 4 barrel.  This combination provides all the benefits of Hive’s Wasp Pars with the versatility of ETC’s plano-convex spot lenses.  Able to work with single degree lenses from 5 – 50 degrees, this kit comes with either a 19, 26, or 36 degree lens.  This Plasma source features a CRI of 94 and has a nominal daylight-balanced correlated color temperature of 5600K, which can be adjusted from 4600-7000K using an on-board dial. Ideal for both still, movie, and stage.

Drone Kit includes:

  • Wasp 250 PAR Head with 250W Bulb
  • Flicker-Free
  • 5600K Single Point Source Bulb
  • 94+ CRI
  • 15' Header Cable
  • AC Power Supply
  • Four-Leaf Barndoor Set
  • 5-Piece Scrim Set & 4 x HDP Lens Set
  • ETC Source 4 Barrel & Lens
  • Two Light Hard Rolling Case

Hive Lighting Wasp 250 Plasma Leko Spot Kit


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