Energizer MAX 529

Long Lasting 6 Volt Alkaline Power

The Energizer MAX 529 is a 6 volt alkaline battery primarily used for security systems and smoke alarms. The 529 provides reliable and long lasting power and each battery has been manufactured to ultra high Energizer standards. The alkaline chemistry of this battery is completely mercury free, making it an environmentally concious choice.

  • 6V Alkaline Power
  • Mercury Free
  • 7 Year Shelf Life
  • Width: 68.20" mm
  • Height: 115" mm

Energizer Alkaline Max 529


    Battery Size: Lantern
    Battery Chemistry: Alkaline
    Battery Voltage: 6
    Battery Terminal Type: Spring
    Battery Shelf Life: 6-8 Years
    Product Certifications: ANSI
    Packaging: Bulk
    Brand: Energizer
    Return Policy:  
    Product Weight: 31.3oz
    Product Dimensions: 4.528" (L) x 2.685" (W) x 2.685" (H)
    UPC: 039800076632
    MPN: 529
    Country of Origin: US
    Associated Battery Sizes: 1209, 4LR25Y, 4R25, 529, 6V, 806, 808, 908, 908A, 908D, Lantern, Lantern Battery (Spring Terminals), MN908