Energizer Silver Oxide Watch Battery - Zero Mercury

The Energizer Silver Oxide Watch Battery is best suited for a variety of low-drain devices such as watches, hearing aids, small electronics and cameras. These batteries feature silver oxide chemistry that performs better and longer than their alkaline counterparts. Each Energizer 357 is manufactured and quality tested by Energizer, one of the most trusted manufactures in the battery industry.


  • Voltage: 1.55V
  • Silver Oxide Chemistry
  • Zero Mercury
  • Used for watches, calculators, hearing aids and cameras

Energizer 357/303 148mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Coin Cell Watch Battery - 1 Piece Bl

SKU: EN357303

    Battery Size: 303 / 357 / SR44 / SR44SW
    Battery Capacity (mAh): 148
    Battery Chemistry: Silver Oxide
    Battery Voltage: 1.55
    Battery Shelf Life: 4-6 Years
    Product Certifications: ANSI
    Packaging: Blister Pack
    Brand: Energizer
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    Product Weight: 0.08oz
    UPC: 039800109590
    MPN: 357BPZ
    Country of Origin: US